Care Medical College Hospital Ltd. is a leading private Hospital at Mohammadpur, in Dhaka, Bangladesh. All Over General Hospital Morning and Evening provide Professor & Sr. Consultant Treatment 24 Hour’s Diagnostic, imaging & Others Special care Diagnostic Center , Physiotherapy, Dental Center & Pathology service very Lower Costly .


1/5, Block-B, Mohammadpur Housing Estate, College Gate, Mirpur Rd, Dhaka 12073XE

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1/5, Block-B, College Gate

Mirpur Rd, Dhaka-1207

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Message of Chairman

I started it in November 2000. Hira, Moni and Mukta are the first in-vitro fertilised babies in our country who were born under my supervision.

Firstly, as a gynaecologist I saw a lot of patients having problems with fertility. I used to receive many patients complaining about not having baby. So I thought it would be a good idea to study in-virto fertilisation. It touched me and inspired me to come to this world of medical treatment. So, I established the center with my own interest and offering infertile couples the necessary services. I got my FCPS in 1986. Since then I was trying to do something in this field. Since 1993 I went to attend many seminars in different countries discussing IVF. Eventually I was interested in training. I spent my own money to materialise these. I invested all my earnings to build my career in the field and never looked back.

I am very much hopeful. Unfortunately there are not many places where people can go and seek IVF treatment. But frankly speaking there are many couples in Bangladesh who are infertile but do not know of their problems. There is a need to aware people about infertility and guide them to the right places at right time. I am sure many more young doctors would be interested in the field and offer better services.

Prof. Dr. Parveen Fatima
OBS. & Gynae (Infertility)